Thank you for your interest in planning a play reading for the Rarely Done Reads online private play reading group. Before you go any further, please review our community standards posted in the Facebook group and ensure you agree before continuing.


In order to ensure a smooth and efficient process for our online readings, the following policies are in place:


  1. All scripts and casting must be approved by the Rarely Done Reads Program Coordinator (Jason Timothy). This ensures the material fits within the mission and identity of the company and that the casting reflects the casting standards of Rarely Done Productions and it’s Artistic Director (Dan Tursi) and Staff.

  2. All readings MUST be conducted script-in-hand with NO costuming, makeup, props, etc.  In other words, there can be no elements to the reading that may be interpreted as “production value” to protect the company from any claims of performance of the material.

  3. All readings will be conducted via Zoom and then streamed live to our private Facebook group. There can be no other streaming or recording of the reading. Immediately following the reading, the “live” video will be permanently removed from the Facebook group. The Zoom link may be shared with the cast and stage manager ONLY.


Organizer Responsibilities:


  1. As the organizer, you agree to the Community Standards of the Rarely Done Reads private Facebook group and the policies listed above. Further, you agree to work and communicate with the Program Director during the preparation of your reading to ensure compliance.

  2. As the organizer, you will be responsible for submitting your cast list INCLUDING Stage Manager (who reads stage directions, etc.) to the Program Director a minimum of two weeks prior to the scheduled reading date. If any casting is not approved, you will be notified within 48 hours of submitting your cast list giving you ample time to re-cast. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU SUBMIT YOUR CAST LIST PRIOR TO SPEAKING TO THE ACTORS to eliminate any awkward conversations on your end.

  3. As the organizer, you are responsible for ensuring your cast has the necessary materials for the reading. Most often, scripts can be found online in PDF form. Other times, it may be necessary to purchase a digital script from the publisher to share with your cast. We STRONGLY suggest sourcing your scripts ETHICALLY prior to suggesting a title.

  4. You will be provided with a Call Sheet for your cast and a Zoom link the day of your reading by the Program Director. You will be responsible for sharing that information with your cast.

  5. Prior to the day of your reading, you should communicate with your cast any notes/direction you want them to incorporate into the reading. Additionally, you should communicate with your stage manager about which stage directions will be read aloud. One on one conversations with your cast is encouraged, but formal rehearsals are prohibited as they alter the nature of the reading and put the company at risk.


An Organizer’s Planning Checklist:


  1. Select a title, ensuring the availability of scripts.

  2. Select a cast, including stage manager, and submit to the Program Director.

  3. Make any necessary changes to the casting of your reading.

  4. A week before the reading: Distribute electronic scripts to your cast and stage manager.

  5. Week of the reading: Meet with each member of your team to review notes/direction fo the reading.

  6. Day of the reading: Share the call sheet and Zoom link with your team.